Bamboo Vegan

Punk Fridays

Every Friday, we throw a mean popup event with one surprise street food (burger/burrito/hot dog etc), and we also make specialized cocktails! Come hang with us for a cool Friday night!

Event occurs from 20:00 till 01:00ish

We love making Hawaiian & Mexican-based cocktails, as well as fusion recipes from around the globe! For those who don’t drink, we can prepare a nice mocktail that will keep you just as happy.

As mentioned above, every Friday the event is based around a nice ‘n hearty street food meal that packs a punch. Some of the favourites are our humongous Cali-style burritos, the Hawaiian burger, or the Meatball sub with our Italian style tomato sauce and cheeze!


Special cocktails are expertly mixed on the spot. The cocktail list changes every week, but here’s a taste:

tequila, lime, grapefruit soda

gin, ginger beer, lime

gin, tonic and bitters

spiced rum, dr. peppers, lime

white rum, lime, cola

rum, kiwi juice, lime

rum, blue curacao, coconut, soda

whiskey, lime/lemon, sprite

whiskey, lime, ginger beer

vodka, sour apple

Mean Bites!

A special sandwich is available on Friday nights only. Our usual menu takes a day off and we prepare something truly mean!

Vegan burger, burritos, vegan hot dog, tortillas, Jamaican sandwich or custom wrap, it is the talk of the town. It varies every week and can be spicy.

Fist come, fist serve basis, while stock lasts. You’ve been warned!