Bamboo Vegan


We love providing cool people with cool food! We make vegan sandwiches that are tasty and will definitely fill you up. Recipes & menu change all the time.

What would a Greek vegan food place be without yummy pastries? We sell fresh savoury pastries,
like mushroom pie, mixed vegetable pie, and -of course- spinach pie!

We know that many of you out there have a sweet tooth, so we’ve managed to take care of that!
We are known for our insanely good kormos (chocolate fudgy biscuity thing), and for our
praline-filled, chocolate-chip soft dough cookies. Must try!


Here’s our current menu of vegan sandwiches and desserts. Mind you, our menu changes regularly depending on what’s seasonal or available. If in doubt give us a ring, otherwise prepare to be amazed!

wheat ciabatta, tofu ham, vegan cheddar, homemade mayo, tomato, cucumber


corn-bread ciabatta, smoked tofu, homemade smoky mayo, vegan cheddar, tomato, rocket salad


wholewheat baguette, pea-based turkey, vegan cheddar, homemade mayo, mustard, tomato, green leafy salad


wholewheat baguette, scrambled tofu (tofu, tomato, olive oil, nutritional yeast), homemade mayo, ketchup, vegan parmesan, rocket salad


wholewheat baguette, vegan ‘chicken’ nuggets, homemade mayo, vegan parmesan, green leafy salad


Order Takeaway

You can order takeaway via Wolt, most days. Hit the thing.