ECOMIL Almond Drink 200ml

Ecomil's almond drink is a nice and nutritious vegan milk alternative that you can have any time of the day.

Its small (200 ml) size makes it easy to grab from our fridge and drink while you carry on with your busy day. Nutritious and delicious!

100% Vegetal * Organic * Soya-Free * Gluten-Free * Lactose-Free * With Agave Syrup

[Bamboo Vegan Retail Price: 1,50 e)

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ECOMIL Hazelnut Milk 1Lt.

ECOMIL Hazelnut is a very yummy and nutritious vegan alternative to milk.

With a full taste yet light texture, this hazelnut milk is a perfect accompaniment to your breakfast, or just enjoyed on its own as a cold glass of milk!

100% Vegetal * Organic * Vegan * Soya-Free * Lactose-Free * Cholesterol-Free * With Agave Syrup

[Bamboo Vegan Retail Price: 3,80 e]

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ECOMIL Almond Calcium (1lt.)

ECOMIL Almond Calcium is a healthy vegan milk that contains extra calcium to keep your bones strong!

This milk is made from Spanish premium almonds and tastes just great on its own, in smoothies or with your favorite cereal!

100% Vegetal * Organic * Soya-Free * Gluten-Free * Lactose-Free * No Milk Protein * With Agave Syrup

[Bamboo Vegan Retail Price:  3,95 e]

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PROVAMEL Soy Milk Alternatives

Provamel is probably the most popular milk alternative on the market... what kind of proud vegan shop would we be if we did not have it? :)

We currently stock the following flavors:

- Soya Natural 1lt. [2,50 e]

- Soya Vanilla 1lt. [2,95 e]

- Soya Plus Calcium 1lt. [2,95 e]

- Soya Choco 1lt. [3,10 e]


- Soya Vanilla 250 ml. [1,20 e]

- Soya  Choco 250 ml. [1,20 e]


Lactose-Free * Gluten-Free *100% Vegetal * Vegan * Organic/Bio


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ECOMIL, one of the leading companies in the non-dairy milk industry, has created a very nourishing vegan milk for you to enjoy.

This milk is also sugar-free, which means that it has less calories (only 30 kcal/100 ml). Therefore, you can drink as much as you want without the guilt :)

Due to its plain taste and think texture, Ecomil's sugar-free almond milk is also good for various cooking recipes.

Vegan * Organic * Soy-Free * Gluten-Fre * Lactose-Free * No Milk Protein / Animal Derivatives * Sugar-Free * Product of Spain

Bamboo Vegan Price: 3,95 e


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ISOLA Rice-Coconut Milk

Adding to our big range of vegan milks, we present you ISOLA's Rice-Coconut milk! This yummy milk packs an extra-strong coconut flavor with all the lightness of rice milk.

Give yourself the treat you deserve and enjoy a cold glass of Isola together with some cookies!

Bamboo Vegan Price: 2,50 e

100% vegan * dairy & lactose free * organic * gluten free * made in Italy

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ISOLA Rice-Almond Milk

Isola, the Italian company of vegan & organic products strikes again with this delicious rice-almond milk!

Perfect with all kinds of cereal - or simply enjoyed on its own - this Isola product has become one of the people's favorites here at Bamboo Vegan headquarters... Don't miss it!

Bamboo Vegan Price: 2,50 e (750 ml pack)

100% vegan * dairy & lactose free * organic * gluten free * made in Italy

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ISOLA Rice-Hazelnut Milk

Isola Rice-Hazelnut is another yummy vegan milk that can be found at our shop. Like all of our products, it's free of animal ingredients but full of vegan goodness!

A tasty alternative to soy and almond drinks, hazelnut-rice milk is one of the products that have come to stay in the vegan's everyday diet :)

Enjoy cold, or lightly heat it on a pan for those winter nights on the sofa!

Bamboo Vegan Price: 3,00 e

100% vegan * dairy & lactose free * organic * gluten free * made in Italy

Price: €0.00

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Koko Coconunt Milk

 If you are looking for a healthy vegetable milk with an extra focus on on health benefits, you need to look no more! Koko's coconut milk is enriched with B12 (essential for all vegetarians), calcium and Vitamin D. It also has a great taste!

Available on 1 litre [Bamboo Vegan price: 3,50 euros] and 200 ml [Bamboo Vegan price: 1,30] packs!


Το γάλα καρύδας Koko είναι ιδανικό για όσους θέλουν ένα φυτικό γάλα με πολλές υγιεινές ιδιότητες. Το Koko είναι εμπλουτισμένο με βιταμίνη Β12 (απαραίτητη για όλους τους χορτοφάγους), ασβέστιο και βιταμίνη D. Με υπέροχη φυσική γεύση καρύδας!

Το Kokos είναι διαθέσιμο σε συσκευασίες 1 λίτρου [τιμή Bamboo Vegan: 3,50] και 200 ml [τιμή Bamboo Vegan: 1,30]

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Sojade Plain Soy Yogurt

Sojade is another yummy addition to our growing list of vegan alternatives to dairy. This great-tasting vegan (made from soya) yogurt has a nice & plain flavor, creamy texture and is easy to digest. It also packs a healthy dose of protein and is enhanced with probiotics due to the use of selected live cultures (Bifidus and Acidophilus).

Enjoy it on its own for a helthy snack, or as a light dinner together with fruit and/or muesli, jam etc.

Since Sojade Plain has no sweeteners, it will appeal to our Greek customers who can use it for cooking and special sauces, like traditional Greek tzatziki!

500 gr Tub // Bamboo Vegan Price: 2,90
Το γιαούρτι Sojade προστίθεται στη λίστα των νοστιμότατων εναλλακτικών γαλακτοκομικών προϊόντων. Αυτό το υπέροχο γιαούρτι σόγιας έχει νόστιμη και απαλή γεύση, κρεμώδη υφή και είναι πολύ εύκολο στη χώνεψη. To Sojade επίσης έχει υψηλό ποσοστό πρωτείνης και περιέχει προβιοτικά (όπως και το "κανονικό" γιαούρτι!)

Απολαύστε το ως ένα ελαφρύ πρωτεϊνούχο σνακ, για βραδυνό μαζί με φρούτα και/ή δημητριακά, μαρμελάδα κλπ.

Χάρη στην απλή του και χωρίς γλυκαντικά γεύση, το γιαούρτι Sojade Plain μπορεί επίσης να χρησιμοποιηθεί εύκολα στη μαγειρική και ιδιαίτερα στη παρασκευή διάφορων δημοφιλών σως, π.χ. τζατζίκι!

Συσκευασία 500 γρ // Τιμή Bamboo Vegan 2,90

Price: €0.00

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