Danival Ravioli with Tofu

Τα ραβιόλι Danival με μεσογειακή σάλτσα και γέμιση από τόφου είναι ένας ιδανικός συνδυασμός νοστιμιάς και υψηλής πρωτεϊνικής αξίας!

Βιολογικό Προϊόν. Επισκεφτείτε www.danival.fr

Συσκευασία 670 γρ. Τιμή Bamboo Vegan: 5,95


Ravioli with mediterranean style tomato sauce is a simple and great vegan dish. But what about if the ravioli is filled with tofu? That is what Danival has created and we assure you it is a great combination.

Organic Product. Visit www.danival.fr

670 gr. jar Bamboo Vegan price: 5,95

Price: €0.00

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KING SOBA Pumpkin Ginger & Rice Noodles

KING SOBA is a producer extraordinaire of all things noodley!

These amazing and unusual-flavored noodles pack the extra punch of ginger together with the sweetness of pumpkin. Simply awesome.

They are excellent for asian dishes, and can be perfectly combined in dishes with miso, spinach, tahini and/or seaweed. A must-try!

Vegan * Organic * Wheat & Gluten-Free

Bamboo Vegan Price: 2,80 e

Price: €0.00

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CLEARSPRING Soba Buckwheat Noodles

Noodles are a truly superb food. There are so many types to choose from, they make the best Oriental dishes and they can generally fit into so many vegan eating options... which is just something that makes us real happy :)

CLEARSPRING is one of the best manufacturers of organic Japanese food in the world. These semi-wholewheat buckwheat noodles are proof of it, and are perfect for that traditional Oriental dish you've been dreaming about. You won't be disapointed!

Pack contains 250 gr of buckwheat goodness.

Vegan * Organic * 75% wholewheat * Product of China

Bamboo Vegan Price: 2,45 e


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