BIONA Thai Curry

Thai food has hardcore fans everywhere, and it is only our duty to try and please them!

BIONA brings you a very special Thai Curry mix, ready for you to heat and make an excellent, truly unbeatable exotic dish!

Biona's Thai Mix contains the following ingredients: chick peas 20%, tomatoes, potatoes 13%, coconut cream 7.5%, peas 7%, sunflower oil, curry powder 2%, tamari (water, soya beans 46%, sea salt, koji (aspergillus oryzael), garlic, coriander leaf, sea salt, thai basil 0.3%, ground coriander, apple juice.

Just mix with rice or noodles and make that incrdible Thai night you've been dreaming of!

Vegan * Organic * Spicy (Medium/Strong)

Bamboo Vegan Price: 3,50 e


Price: €0.00

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