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PURAL Cookies

Price: €3.30

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Fact about us: we love vegan cookies! Don't you?

However, we are just bored of checking long lists of ingredients only to find some animal product that we can't eat. At least these PURAL cookies are totally vegan, and you can eat them without thinking twice. Just perfect!

Since we've had them at Bamboo Vegan, these cookies have become one of our clients' favorite! Try them & enjoy the sweetness of ethically conscious cookies:)

We stock the following flavors in packages of 15 bsicuits:

- Vanilla Flavored Cream Filling 3,30 e

- Chocolate: Flavored Cream Filling 3,30 e

- Spelt Biscuits with Buckthorn-Orange Cream (μπισκότο ντίνκελ με γέμιση κρέμα ιπποφαές-πορτοκάλι) 3,60 e

Vegan * Organic * Product of Germany * Without Eggs & Milk