Hello again everyone! First of all let us wish to you all a “Happy 2013″, with lots of positivity and compassionate vegan attitudes.

In times like this it seems kind of hard to focus on the good, but we should always to rise above and be a positive influence… :) We should also remember that there are countles others who have it much worse, lacking the “luxury” of surviving or even decent standards of living. Non-human animals definitely belong to this category. So let’s employ all our efforts of compassion and understanding towards them, and the world around us!

OK… Let’s continue with some Bamboo Vegan related news!

Don’t forget we have a new Tumblr blog that you should check out! We make exclusive posts with inspirational stuff that we find along the way as well as pictures and funny stuff we find along in our everyday lives (cats and sweets being two main themes). Check it out: http://bamboovegan.tumblr.com/

You should also remember that we constantly keep adding new items that are totally essential to the vegan’s and vegetarian’s diets, and are kind of hard to find elsewhere in Athens or Greece. We make exclusive imports in some cases, in order to supply you with what you need. Some of our noteworthy products are:

- Vegan Cheeses (blocks of cheese, cheese slices, cheese that melts, cream cheese)

- Nutritional Yeast (rich in B vitamins)

- Vegan Candy Bars (Cleo’s, Mahalo, Zebra, Twilight, Jokerz & more)

- Egg Replacers (important for cooking)

- Gluten Free products (cookies, flours, breads & more)

- Seitan (mix to make at home and ready-to-eat seitan products like burgers,sausages, strips etc)

We will always keep adding new stuff to our catalogue and try for the best possible prices. We really want to cater to the people who take their precious time to come to our shop.

Alright then, that should be all for now… take good care of yourselves and see you soon!

All the best,

Elisavet & Fotis — the BV team