Hey friends! How are you all doing? I hope you are all feeling alive and healthy, and that you are ready to eat a lot of good vegan food.

So let’s cut straight to the good news! We are glad to let you know that on March 2 we will be hosting our second event at Bamboo Vegan:

That’s right, we are bringing you another funky brunch, with veggie burgers (of all kinds) being the central theme. Oh Yes — make sure you reserve your appetite for Burgerkilla, because we will have many kinds of super yummy vegan burgers for you to try! There will also be a salad bar with fresh salad, sandwich fillings and crisps, as well as  fresh lemonade!

This event is also “Open Day” for vegan friendly artists and entrepreneurs. That means that we have a small team of guest spots for people who do cool stuff related to veganism in one way or another. Check the Facebook event for more info on that!

We are sure that Burgerkilla is going to be a blast. So why not join the fun and come down to Bamboo Vegan on Saturday 2 March!